E-commerce Operations

We know how to set up and manage a world class e-commerce operations from photo shooting to logistics to customer care and payments.

We know the best way to set up e-commerce global operations, adjusting the set up to each customer's objectives and Kpi's. From automated and very cost effective processed to more manually controlled ones. ``Operations`` is the combination of digital production, logistics, transport, returns, customer care, on line payments

RFId Technology

We help you to discover how RFId could improve your business processes from manufacturing to retail.

We know how to leverage RFId - both UHF and NFC - from manufacturing to logistics to retail operations to customer experience. Experience has been gained as managers and entreprenuers (software integration)

Start-up Support

We scout for innovative ideas and when we find them we coach enterpreneurs and support their efforts to grow.

We are perfectly positioned between requirements coming from our customers on one side and innovative ideas and startups on the other. Whenever a perfect match is identified we help startups to fine-tune or adapt their solutions. And we provide a project management layer that is normally welcome by our clients.

E-commerce and RFId management consulting boutique

Even if IdeaPura employs only a few people, size isn’t the main factor that distinguishes us from global firms. The Key Success Factors are our competencies and focus on very specific subjects.

By focussing on just two niches we developed very specific skills allowing us to help top management carry out decisions through recommendations. Since we are already aware of the best practices of companies in the same industry, we can readily pinpoint the business problem, indentify the factors concerning it and suggest action steps.